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v4: Macrium Reflect Driver Copy

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v4: Macrium Reflect Driver Copy

Download (Version 1.2 25/01/2011)

WinPE provides support for a wide range of devices natively and, as many users are aware, additional devices can be included in the support list by copying the drivers into the appropriate folder within the Macrium Reflect WinPE component.

Finding and adding those drivers to WinPE can, on occasion, be a daunting task; especially for the less experienced user.  The utility outlined in this article attempts to alleviate the work from the user.

The ReflectDC Utility

This utility will scan your Windows installation for the following types of devices:
  • Hard driver controllers.
  • SCSI/RAID controllers.
  • USB hubs.
  • Network Interface Cards (NIC).
Once discovered, the utility will copy the necessary driver files from your Windows installation to the appropriate location in the Macrium Reflect WinPE component folder.  Once the utility has completed, you will need to recreate your WinPE rescue disc.  All devices that are currently present in the Windows installation should now be supported in WinPE.

Obtaining RelfectDC

The ReflectDC utility can be downloaded from this location.  Once the download has completed, extract the utility into a folder on your hard drive, location is irrelevant but it is suggested that it is put into an easily accessible folder.  The Windows Desktop is perfectly fine.

Running ReflectDC

To run the utility, open a Windows command prompt by:
  • Click Start
  • Select Run
  • Type in cmd and then press Enter
Once into the command prompt, change to the folder where you extracted ReflectDC to and then enter reflectdc on the command line.  Please note that the command prompt must be run with elevated privileges, this can be achieved by holding down the left Shift and left Ctrl keys at the same time as pressing the Enter key.  Following is an example of running the utility.

It should be noted that ReflectDC will only execute if the Macrium Reflect WinPE component has been installed.  Once complete, a log file will be generated of the utilities actions, this file will be saved in the current working folder.
Please remember that you will need to recreate your WinPE based rescue CD after this process has complete to include the additional drivers in a new CD image.  Following is a sample ReflectDC log file.

Command Line

ReflectDC does not support any command line options.


  1. Failed to retrieve RescuePE directory

    This error will occur when the Macrium Reflect WinPE component has not been installed.  To correct the error, install the Macrium Reflect WinPE component.

  2. Failed to execute IsWow64Process

    This error can occur when you do not have sufficient privileges to run kernel functions.  To correct the error, run the utility with elevated administrator privileges.

  3. Cannot copy 32 bit drivers to a 64 bit PE installation

    This error will occur when you are running a 32 bit based operating system and have a 64 bit based WinPE component installed.  WinPE requires that any driver loaded match the same bit size as the WinPE operating system.  To correct this error, ensure that you use the same bit size WinPE as your main operating system.

  4. Cannot copy 64 bit drivers to a 32 bit PE installation

    Please see point 3 above.

  5. Failed to copy CAT file.

    Some drivers require a security catalog file, particularly for Vista based operating systems.  ReflectDC will detect if the driver has an associated security catalog file and attempt to copy it.  If you get this error there will be a good chance that the driver will not work in the WinPE environment.
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