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v5: How to identify Dynamic and GPT disks

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v5: How to identify Dynamic and GPT disks

GPT is a replacement that overcomes various limitations of MBR partitioned disks. However a UEFI motherboard is required to boot off such a disk. As these are only just starting to become available, some PC's are shipped with a dynamic disk configuration. Dynamic disks is Microsoft's implementation of software raid. It also overcomes some limitations of MBR partitioned disks, but without requiring a UEFI motherboard.

All versions of Macrium Reflect now support GPT disks. Only Macrium Reflect Professional and Server editions support dynamic disks.

To establish if this is the case, in a command window, type ...
Then type ...
list disk

If there is an asterisk in the dyn column, then the Standard edition will not recognize the listed disk.  All editions of Macrium Reflect recognize GPT disks.

The following computer will require the Professional edition.

whereas the computer below does not require the Professional edition.

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