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v5: How to schedule an incremental or differential Image

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v5: How to schedule an incremental or differential Image

This article provides information on how to schedule incremental and differential backups

Macrium Reflect v5.0 uses a single xml backup definition file for all backup types; Full, Differential and Incremental. The decision on which 'type' to create is made at run time and not when creating the backup definition file.  
The article on How to create a disk image outlines how to create a backup definition file.

1. Once you have saved your xml file, select the 'Backup' tab and then 'Backup Definition Files' tab.

2. Right click and select 'Schedule':

3. You can now choose whether to schedule a Full, Differential or Incremental image in scheduled task wizard:

4. Once the scheduled task is saved it can be seen in the 'Scheduled Backups' tab along with the backup type:

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