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v5: v4 Upgrade FAQ

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v5: v4 Upgrade FAQ

This FAQ covers some of the commonly encountered queries regarding transitioning from Macrium Reflect v4 to v5.

Will I need to recreate my v4 backup XML definition files?

v4 xml files are compatible with v5. Note that v4 incremental/differential xml files are not editable in v5; they are not required as you don't need separate full/inc xml files in v5.

Can Version 5 be installed over 4? Will both 4 and 5 be on the hard drive? Should 4 be uninstalled first?

Versions 4 and 5 will not exist on your system at the same time. The version 5 installer will uninstall version 4, as part of the install process.

Does Windows PE need to be reinstalled and new rescue CDs made? Will the old Rescue CDs still work?

The version 4 winPe rescue CD will restore images created with Reflect v5. However, the v5 rescue environment has many new features and is based on the newly released WinPE3.1.Windows PE is installed at the same time as the application if you have paid for a version 5 license. Due to licensing restrictions from Microsoft, if you have taken the free upgrade option available to those purchasing v4 within the last 3 months, then you get the new winPE 3.1 rescue environment using our automated WAIK download and build feature.
You can read more about the different v5 rescue CD's here.

Can you restore an image taken with v4 to different hardware?

Yes, but note that you need v5 professional or servers edition to restore v4/v5 server OS's to new hardware.

Why can’t I change the install location?

For update installs, the facility to change install location is disabled as your scheduled tasks will fail as they reference the reflect program folder.
If you do wish to change the install location
1) Remove any scheduled tasks.
2) Uninstall Reflect.
3) Install, note now you can change the install location.
4) Setup your scheduled tasks.

After purchasing an upgrade, can I continue to use my 4.2 license on another computer?

The v5 upgrade is discounted on the basis that you are upgrading your license. Therefore you still are only licensed to use reflect on a single computer. Your v4 license key will be revoked as part of the upgrade process.

Do I need the professional edition?

If you wish to restore a windows image to new hardware, you need the proedition. Also, if you have dynamic or gpt disks, professional isrequired. Read here to identify dynamic or gpt disks.

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