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Macrium Reflect Support, Updates and Upgrades

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Macrium Reflect Support, Updates and Upgrades

Macrium Software takes customer support seriously and this article describes duration and nature of that support.  The support for the current version 5 is the same as that for the previous version 4.  There has been no downgrading of support, we pride ourselves on the support given.

There are 4 parts to this article, click on the appropriate link:

Support, Updates and Upgrades for v4 & v5 editions of Macrium Reflect
Clarifying the License Duration and Support for the different Macrium Products

How to contact Macrium Support

Links to other sources of Help

Support, Updates and Upgrades for v4 &v5 editions of Macrium Reflect

When you purchase v5 Standard/Professional/Server/Server Plus editions of Macrium Reflect, Macrium Support is provided free for one year or until a major release (for example 5.x to 6.x) whichever is the longer.  You are guaranteed at least one year of free support.  To maintain support after this time you are required to upgrade to the latest version of Macrium Reflect (currently version 5).

Macrium Support is by e-mail and support forum access.  Many problems can be solved by finding solutions within the Forum, Knowledge base (KB) Tutorials, Help Tutorials and YouTube videos; these are instant solutions rather than wait for Macrium Support to respond (usually within 24 hours during weekdays).  More on how to get support below.

Same version updates (for example 5.x to 5.x) are free for life.

Major upgrades (for example 5.x to 6.x) are chargeable but with an upgrade discount.

Please note that e-mail Macrium Support is only available for the purchased editions and the full 30 day trial; also only those who purchase can post questions in the Forum.

The free edition is not supported although users do have access to view the Forum, Knowledge Base (KB) Tutorials, Help Tutorials and YouTube videos; but cannot post questions in the Forum.

The upgrade discount only applies to previous purchased versions, it does not apply when upgrading from the free or 30 day trial to the latest full purchased version.

Clarifying the License Duration and Support for the different Macrium Products

v4 Standard edition and v5 Standard/Professional/Server/Server Plus editions

Each Macrium Reflect license key, for v4 Standard edition or v5 Standard/Professional/Server/Server Plus editions, is for one computer.  You may only transfer the license key to another computer for legitimate upgrade/replacement purposes.

When you purchase the v4 Standard edition or v5 Standard/Professional/Server/Server Plus editions you have the software licenses for life, there is no annual fee to pay.  The exception is when you upgrade, when your old edition is replaced by the upgraded edition and your old license key becomes invalid having been replaced by the new upgrade license key.  The support associated with these products is described above in the first part of this article.

Other Macrium Reflect License types: Technicians and Deployment licenses

These two license types run alongside v4 Standard edition and v5 Standard/Professional/Server/Server Plus editions.  These licenses are mainly used by IT support departments of companies and IT organisations.  The Technicians license lasts for one year after which it can be renewed; and each Deployment license allows 10 deployments per license, you can purchase additional Deployment licenses.  

  • Technicians License

    Macrium Support for the Technicians license is available while the Technicians license is valid. This is normally 1 year from the date the Technicians license is purchased or renewed. Each Technician's License is for one Technician.

    There are 2 versions of the Technicians license - Standard and Enterprise: both allow use on unlimited workstations but the Standard edition can only be used on up to 10 Servers whilst the Enterprise edition can be used on unlimited Servers over the year of the license.

    There have been two recent changes to purchasing a new Technicians License:

    1. When purchasing a new Technicians license you now get supplied a v5 Server edition license of Macrium Reflect with the Technicians license. This Macrium Reflect Server license supplied with the Technicians license is different from a normal Server license in that it includes 'upgrade protection'. As long as the technicians license is renewed annually then all future upgrades of this license are free (for example v5 to v6 etc.). If a Technicians License user does not renew the License at the end of the year, they keep the Server License but this license reverts to a normal Server License which can only be used on one computer and cannot be transferred as the facilities and use of the Technicians License including upgrade protection cease .

    2. Each Technician License allows the creation and use of one USB memory stick with Portable Application Support. Portable Application Support means that the USB stick can create Images of Workstations and Servers without installing Macrium Reflect and while the computer is running. You can also boot into the Portable Application Device to restore backups, create backups and clone. Use of the USB memory stick with Portable Application Support ceases when the Technicians License expires; but use can be extended only if the Technicians License is renewed.

  • Deployment License

    Support for the Deployment license is associated with the full license which is being used to deploy the backups. If you have a previous version of Macrium Reflect where support has expired it is strongly recommended that you upgrade. If you purchase a Deployment license where your associated full license support has expired then you will only get support within 30 days of the purchase date of the Deployment license.

For more information on Technicians and Deployment licenses see related links below.

How to contact Macrium Support

  1. The first stage is to complete a support ticket.  Click on this link for the ticket dialog.  Complete the form by completing all required boxes.   Complete the message box with detail of the reason or problem you are having together with any error messages.  When requesting support please quote your latest valid license key where possible.  You may also attach logs and error dialogs as necessary.  Then click on 'Next'.

    You can use the support ticket for Sales queries as well as Support queries by selecting within the Contact drop down menu.
  2. In the next dialog, which appears, you normally will get some links to the 'Knowledge base' which may help with your problem.  After looking at the links, if you don't find a solution in the returned links, you can either re-phrase your problem/query and click 'Search Again' or click on 'Send' to send your query to Macrium Support or close the browser window if you have the answer to your problem.

Links to other sources of Help:

  1. For a link to the Knowledge Base where you may Search or use popular tags to get help and tutorials click here.
  2. To go to the Macrium Reflect FORUM click here.
  3. To go to the 'Help' tutorials click here, you can also access the Help tutorials when running Macrium Reflect from the 'Help' menu by selecting 'Help'.
  4. To see a range of YouTube videos on using Macrium Reflect click here.
  5. You can also search for Help and Knowledgebase tutorials by entering a topic in the 'Site Search' box at the top of most Macrium web pages such as:
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