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v5: How to restore a file and folder backup

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v5: How to restore a file and folder backup

This tutorial is only for File and Folder backups and not Image backups. Please note that a restore will either restore files to your original folder or you get your folder structure and selected files restored to a place of your choosing. If you want an individual file restored without the folder structure you may wish to copy and paste it from Windows Explorer, see link at bottom of this web page.

  1. Open Macrium Reflect and select the "Restore" tab (marked in red below) and then the "File and Folder Restore" tab (marked in green)

  2. Your backups (shown in blue at the bottom of the above image) are listed at the bottom of the main pane. If the backups are not being shown, you can select the "Browse for a backup file..." or search for backup files in order to find your backup images. Once located, they will be added to the list of backups in the bottom half of the window. For each image, you may delete, verify, browse or restore the backup. In this case, click the "Restore Backup" link.

  3. The next dialogue gives the opportunity to select the files that are to be restored. You may restore all the files as shown in this tutorial, or select the individual directories and files you wish to restore. Click Next.

  4. You are now given the opportunity to select where you would like the files to be restored to. By default they will be placed in the location from which they were backed up, but it is also possible to restore them to a new location. Click Next.
  5. A summary window is displayed showing the details of the restore. Click Finish
  6. The files will now be restored as required.
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