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Changes to the windows PE rescue environment

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Changes to the windows PE rescue environment

This article discusses the changes to Microsoft Windows PE Licensing and Macrium Reflect from November 1st 2012

The rescue environment is a critical feature of any system backup software, enabling recovery in the case of non-booting systems. The Macrium Reflect rescue environment is based on either Linux or Windows PE. This article discusses changes in the way that the Windows PE rescue environment is created. The Linux rescue CD is unchanged, being shipped pre-built as part of the installation.

Before November 2012, a pre built distribution of Windows PE configured to work as a Macrium rescue CD was included in the installer. For users who wanted more flexibility, an alternative method was made available. This uses the Microsoft WAIK distribution to build the environment on the users PC. The build process is entirely automated including a one time download from Microsoft.

Due to a global change in licensing policy from Microsoft, we are now unable to offer the pre-built environment. In version 5.2 and later, we offer an optimised PE creation process. The build process now only downloads the required components; just the tools for a previous prebuilt PE install or additionally the PE filesystem, if it is not already available. Additionally, PE4 is available for all Windows versions if required.

Read more about rescue CD's here.

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