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v5 - Disk space management and Duplicate Backup Files

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v5 - Disk space management and Duplicate Backup Files

This article details how to ensure that disk space management functions are enforced for duplicate directories


When creating VB scripts to run backups, it is possible to select that the resultant image is copied to a chosen directory after the backup has completed. (See below)

The problem, is that if have Disk Space Management enabled, the original backup files will be purged as required, but the duplicate files will not.


With regard to the duplicate setting, rather than using the 'Duplicate backup files' option, you may be able to achieve the desired behaviour by using the Microsoft tool called 'robocopy'. Robocopy (robust file copy) has a folder synchronize option that can keep your backup and copy folders mirrored.

  1. When creating the VB Script, in the Duplicate Backup File dialog shown above, deselect the Enable file copy checkbox.
  2. Open Notepad and type:
  3. Replace the "<PATH TO.. placeholders with the correct folder names, e.g "d:\Images" and "e:\Images"
  4. Save the file as 'copybackups.bat'
  5. Generate a VBScript source file for your XML definition, select the 'Run a program or script at end' option and enter the 'copybackups.bat' file just created as shown below:

If you run the VBscript then at the end of the image or backup, robocopy will synchronize the two folders. Any files that have been purged from the backup folder will be deleted from the copy.

Robocopy is included with Vista, Server 2003/2008 and Windows 7. If you are running XP then you need to download the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools

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