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v5: How to run Continuous Backup of SQL Databases

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v5: How to run Continuous Backup of SQL Databases

This article describes how to create backups that run continuously on selected databases.

The purpose of this function is to ensure that a frequent backup of your databases is taken at time intervals you require. This ensures that it is always possible to restore your data to a point as close to the failure point as possible. Continuous backup runs separately to normal backups and imaging functions. A new Reflect SQL backup file is made each day and it has its own email notification, disk space management, compression and password settings to other backups. If an additional backup of a database under continuous backup is made, Reflect will automatically create a new full backup to ensure that the logs backed up are always consistent and associated with a valid full backup. You can not run Continuous Backup on databases that are not running the Full Recovery Model.

How to Enable SQL Continuous Backup

In order to enable Continuous Backup:
  1. Select Continuous Backup

  2. This opens the following dialog which only shows databases that are running the FULL recovery model

    Check the Enable SQL continuous backup checkbox to enable the dialog. In order to disable continuous backup, uncheck this check box and click Finish.
    Select the databases you wish to add to continuous backup. You can select databases from multiple SQL instances.
    Compression, encryption, disk space management and email options can be set by clicking the Advanced Settings link.
    Click Next.

  3. You are now presented with a dialog that allows you to select when you would like Continuous Backup to run.

    By default, Run all the time is selected. However, selecting the From radio button will allow you to specify a time in the day when the continuous backup is running.
    You can also select how LOG frequently backups will be made and also specify how many days to wait until creating new full backup and at what time in the day it will be made.
    When you are happy with your selection, click
    Finish and Continuous Backup will be activated.
Continuous backup runs silently in the background. You can run and create backups of the system or of SQL databases without interfering with continuous backup. Only logs files for failed continuous backups are stored.
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