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v5: How to sysprep Windows and deploy using Macrium Reflect

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v5: How to sysprep Windows and deploy using Macrium Reflect

This article describes how to use the Windows sysprep utility to prepare a machine to be deployed across multiple other machines.

Configure your PC for deployment

Windows provides a handy utility called sysprep which allows you to prepare a master PC image that is configured and set up to be deployed across multiple workstations. By running sysprep, Windows prepares the machine so that once installed on a workstation, the System Admin will be prompted for Windows Activation and environment configuration as if the PC had just been installed from scratch.

In order to prepare a PC to be syspreped, ensure that it contains all the applications and configuration you wish the deployed systems to have installed. Also note that unless you have sufficient licenses for the machines you are deploying to, Reflect should be uninstalled from the PC that will used for the base image. However, if is essential to have made a Windows PE based Macrium Reflect rescue CD on that PC first.

Sysprep your system

In order to run sysprep, run through the following steps:
  1. Open an explorer window and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\sysprep
  2. Run sysprep.exe
  3. Ensure that the System Cleanup Action is set to the Out-of-Box Experience, and that Generailze is checked as below.

    Shutdown options are up to you, but selecting Quit ensures that the system will not reboot or shutdown automatically.
  4. Click OK.
This will now prepare this machine so that it can be deployed to other PCs.

Image with Reflect and deploy

Once sysprep has completed, shutdown the PC and boot it with the Macrium Reflect Rescue CD. You can now take an image of the PC using Macrium Reflect and store it either to an external USB device or network location. Once this has been completed, you can now deploy the image to the workstations you require. Please note that if using Reflect to do this, you will require a deployment license for each restore. This extends the existing Reflect license which only permits you to restore back to the original PC or a upgraded PC.

When the restore has been completed, you can then boot the new PC. Windows will then ask for the new license key and environment settings.
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